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Building Successful Websites with WordPress – cover design

Posted on Feb 7, 2012 by in Publishing | 0 comments

Building-Successful-Websites-with-WordPress-Video-Course copy

Building good websites has never been so easy. But good is not good enough any more. Websites must have great looks, great functionality, they must be easy to maintain and add new content, they must be good for SEO, they must be secured against hackers… the list gets longer each day.
With so much going on, it turns out that creating successful websites in WordPress is really not all that easy. There are tons of books and tutorials, but with so much work, who has the time to read through 500-page books and go through days and days of lectures? To top it off, most of the materials will give you tons of knowledge, but almost none of them will offer a complete package that you can immediately apply on your projects.

This video course covers the most important elements of the WordPress arsenal of tools. There are 23 videos, each covering a different WordPress element. The videos are designed for those that want to get down to business immediately. So, the videos are short, to the point, no fluff and repetitions.

This video is available to download at


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