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Business Card Design

Posted on Jan 10, 2012 by in Corporate Branding, Portfolio | 0 comments

Design for my business card

Corporate branding is extremely important today. Every business needs to have a unique visual identity that is a good representation of the brand character and the brand’s primary products or services.

Below you can see some samples of business cards I designed that showcase the process I use in coming up with a cool design. Each image has its own short description of what the requirement was, and how I worked to meet the functional requirements while creating a beautiful design.
This business card design was for the CEO of WebMaxFormance and the requirement was that the business card is unique, unordinary and to cover the key services of WebMaxFormance. I went with the corporate colors to make a graphically appealing design  that will be recognizable. The front page of the business card lists the most important services that WebMaxFormance does, and they’re all listed diagonally, to add a more dynamic look. At the back end of the card I placed the logo and a fancy dark blue background with stripes, to give it a rich look. We agreed also that the background of every other business card for WebMaxFormance to be with the same background, while the front pages will vary in color to match the different departments. All in all, the end result is a beautiful business card that is great to look at and very appealing.
The requirements for this card was to achieve a sense of sensuality, beauty and openness. This is how the owner of the beauty salon wanted to position her business. So, for the logo I used a silhouette of a woman with nice long hair, and a full length stripe as foundation for the name of the salon. Combined with a soft pink gradient as a background, the back side of the business card successfully communicates reliability, beauty and sensuality. For the front end I opted for a more standard approach that would radiate a feeling of openness and friendliness as the main character traits of the salon owner. The end result is a business card that clearly communicates the main traits of the business and its owner.

As the designer for WebMaxFormance, I created a business card for myself. The requirements for this card was to have a strong sense of ownership of WebMaxFormance, and list the core competencies I bring on the table, while keeping things on the light/fun side. So, I used the corporate decision to have the same background on my business card, with a rich presentation of the corporate logo and website. For the front page, I used a bit different approach, so the name is wrapped in a fully visible rectangle surrounded by core competencies and my email address. The color is a tone of orange, with radial gradient with a gentle pattern to add even more dynamic energy. The end result is a corporate business card that grabs the eye and has a strong potential of initiating a discussion for the design, which is exactly what is required from a business card for a graphics and web designer.

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