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Posted on Jul 21, 2012 by in Digital Art | 0 comments


It is amazing what can be achieved with just a little bit of creativity in Photoshop. The only real obstacle is our own imagination (well, Photoshop skills too, but those can be learned :)).

I love staring at the full moon. Takes me back to my childhood when I was doing the same and entertain myself by making up stories. Somehow, the full moon was the right inspiration for it. I enjoyed its secrecy and envied it to be able to look on things from such a high perspective. Not only that, but the world around me lit with moonlight seemed to gain different properties…

So, I made this wallpaper so I could enjoy moonlight whenever I want.  I took some stock photos and some of mine, and made the moon in Photoshop using 3D feature and moon texture map (texture taken from After combining all the elements the final result is a beautiful romantic moonlight scene with a bit of (dark) humor, hence the shark fen in the bottom right corner. Hope you like it! :)

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