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About Me

for the webHello! My name is Monika Mateski and I welcome You to my personal website I created to showcase my work and other creative ideas going on in my head. I have been a highly visual person all my life, always interested in the still life of imaginative pictures and photographs I saw, and contemplated about the emotions they were meant to arouse in a person watching them. To me, anything visual was never just about the simple way of how good something looks, but about the subtlety of convaying a certain idea. This love of seeing stories in pictures never left me. It inspired me (with a little push of my dear hubby) to take a step forward into the unknown, at the time, of graphic design and lead the way to the position I am in now. I currently work as a graphic designer and desktop publisher at


My Education

I hold a Bachelor degree in Theology and Pedagogy. While studying at the university I fell in love with photography and started using Photoshop to make my photos look better. Discovering what a great tool Photoshop is I started exploring it deeper and more organized reading books and watching online tutorials… Today my tools of trade, beside Photoshop, include InDesign and Illustrator.

What I Can Do For You

I would be more then happy to design or redesign Your logo, business card or any other print material, and if You are in a need of an optimized and representable website, together with WebMaxFormance folks, we offer the full package including design, web development and copywriting, SEO/SEM optimization, sales funnel optimization and even developing a marketing strategy for your business.

Next Step

While sipping Your coffee You can browse through my Portfolio and comment on stuff You like, or just enjoy in my visual endeavors. On the other hand, if You have any questions considering my work or would like to hire me, feel free to contact me. All the info necessary can be found on my Contact me page. I will be happy to replay and help any way I can!